Adaptive Schools


Adaptive Schools


Adaptive Schools is a researched-based approach developed by Garmston and Wellman (2009)  that supports professional collaboration and positively impacts student development and achievement.

To meet the educational needs of all students, schools must have a culture of learning and be able to build leadership capacity. Schools in which staff feel a collective responsibility for student learning produce greater learning gains than schools where teachers work as isolated practitioners. Teachers in Adaptive Schools are responsive to the changing needs of students, curriculum, and society.

The work of Adaptive Schools is informed by research in the new sciences, integrating this work with change models, best educational practices, learning theory, and research on group and adult development.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

An increased capacity to initiate, develop and sustain high functioning groups

New lenses for diagnosing the stages and phases of group development

An expanded repertoire of practical facilitation tools

Understandings of when and how to engage groups in dialogue and discussion, the limitations, forms and values of each

Skills to move groups beyond consensus to a common focus

Ways to value and use dissension, argument and conflict

Strategies for keeping group members on track, on topic, energized and resourceful

An understanding of how to use the materials provided to continue learning and implement the concepts from the workshop.

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